Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First shows of 2010

Okay, I know I've been rather remiss in posting to the blog, but with a lack of dogs shows during our winter months, and being busy with the puppies, it just got pushed to the bottom of the list :)

We attended our first dog shows of 2010 this past weekend. This was the Rocky Mountain Cluster; 4 days of dog shows held in one venue.

We had a wonderful turnout in Bedlingtons, with 15 dogs entered several of the days. I showed Tori on Friday, she looks fabulous after her litter, and it was great to see her so excited with the prospect of going to another show. I do believe they never forget. She got her bath Friday morning, and when she saw me loading the crates, and everything else that is necessary for four days of shows she started her barking, to ensure that I wouldn't forget her!! It's wonderful to see a dog that was shown as much as she was, still react with pure joy at the thought of going to the show!

The girls from her last litter; Cammi and Scarlett, were also entered on Saturday, along with their brother, "Gus" who is owned locally. Both girls showed wonderfully for their first "real" shows. They'd been to a match show last month, but that was about it. Cammi won her puppy class, and went on to Reserve Winners Bitch at the age of 6 months.

"Gus" also showed like a little trooper. His owner is new to the sport of showing dogs, and has lots to learn, but is extremely motivated to learn and do well. It's a pleasure working with her.

Freddie was shown on Saturday. While he showed extremely well, I kept thinking that something didn't feel "quite right" as he moved around the ring. He wasn't limping, but something was just a bit off. He made a visit to our Dog Massage Therapist on Sunday morning, so that she could look at his movement, and sure enough, after about a dozen steps, she asked "when did he pull a groin muscle?" We have no idea. She stated it's an easy injury to sustain, he probably slipped on the snow, or his hind end may have slipped out from under him on a slick floor. She worked on him for about half an hour, with instructions to ice him as often as possible and restrict his ability to run around at full speed. Much easier said than done! He's being a real little trooper regarding the icing of his groin area. My hopes are that he is recovered enough to attend the National Specialty in Louisville KY in approximately four weeks. Only time will tell.

I must say, I saw some of the worst sportsmanship I've seen at shows in a long time. It's so unfortunate when some exhibitors go out of their way to make snide, rude and untrue remarks, and try to make a point. Especially when the person they're doing this to is a novice. How petty to pick on the new kid on the block, probably because they feel threatened. I guess all I can say is luckily this novice won't learn these types of tactics, as they do little except to show how insecure the offending party is. It's sad to see people stoop so low.

On a brighter note, I'm extremly excited regarding the girls, and can't wait to show them at the National Specialty next month. Now, would it be too much to ask for nice weather in L'ville rather than rain in March ??

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